Human Development Project

Research in the field of life support through the usage of IT

What we do

With the "Human Development Project" the IT Future AG owns a research project with the research focus of supporting people in the development of their personal potentials by the consistent use of the possibilities offered by the IT. The research question is: "How can IT systems be used optimally to support humans in their being and support their personal progress? (well being)"

In doing so, we strictly orient our work in alignment with the "10 Core Life Skills" of the WHO and try to promote them consistently in order to support people in a positive and fulfilled life.

10 Core Life Skills

Self Awareness
Effective Communication
Interpersonal Relationship
Creative Thinking
Critical Thinking
Problem Solving
Decision Making
Dealing with Emotions
Dealing with Stress

Data Protection

All data we do collect during this project is strictly handled under the Euopean General DataProtection Regulation (EU-GDPR).
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